Mosaic City Church’s Vision


Mosaic City Church’s Vision is to be a congregation of committed and growing disciples who are sold out to loving the Lord, serving the community, and who multiply by going to the ends of the Earth.


Mosaic City Church is to be a congregation made up of committed people who are in love with Christ; who desire to grow in their knowledge and walk with Christ. We envision a movement, a paradigm change, taking place because Christians, not by name only, are changed by the renewing of their mind, are diving into Scripture, and have a genuine thirst for God’s Word. As we grow in Christ, we are fulfilling the Great Commission by sharing our faith and making disciples by personally helping others grow in their relationship and walk with the Lord. Teaching new converts what it means to be a disciple and how to make disciples themselves.

Mosaic City Church is to be known as a congregation of growing disciples who make disciples. 


Our prayer is that the Lord will use Mosaic City Church to spread the Gospel message throughout the community, United States, and to the ends of the Earth. Our goal is to make Jesus known to as many people as possible. We trust that as we allow the Holy Spirit to use us in spreading seeds of the Gospel, He will grow those seeds and many will come into the Kingdom of Heaven. Our desire is to be a blockade in the path of those heading down the road of destruction and hell, and redirecting as many as possible towards the love, grace, mercy, hope, and peace that is Jesus Christ our Savior. Each individual is active in his or her responsibility to personally witness in everyday situations. They understand that it’s not about bringing people to “church” to be saved but going out and reaching them where they are. We desire to be individuals who are actively involved in missions through prayer, giving, and going. (“We meet together to worship and grow; then we scatter to make the Gospel known.”)

Mosaic City Church is to be known as a soul winning community.


We envision Mosaic City Church to be a group of believers who are living out their faith in such a way that it touches every part of their lives – whether it be at work, at school, at the ballpark, at the gym, or at the grocery store.  Our faith is to be such a part of our lives that we can’t help but allow the light of Jesus to shine through us.  Sharing our faith should be a natural part of our daily lives. Serving and ministering to others is a normal activity and is considered a privilege. The primary goal of each individual is to bring glory to the name of Christ in all that we say and all that we do. The people of the church love and serves our community in such a way that everyone in the community knows who Mosaic City Church is. The church will touch the lives of the people in the community is a such a significant way that they view the church as an invaluable asset. The church will not be know for a building in which we gather, but known for going out to where the people are.  God, through the people of the church, will have made such a significant impact on the community that it is transformed  into something better than before. The goal is to make such an impact on the community that if Mosaic City Church were to disappear tomorrow, she would sincerely be missed.

Mosaic City Church is to be known as a people who truly live out what we say we believe.


Our desire is for Mosaic City Church to create a culture where it is okay not to be okay. Where no one feels that it is necessary to put on a facade and pretend that he or she has it all together. No one is perfect, everyone struggles with his or her own battles, and we all have a starting point from where we pursue Christ. No one is judged to be lesser just because his or her sin is different than another’s. Our invitation is “We are not a perfect church, we are all sinners struggling toward Christ, come struggle with us.” We will be intentional in reaching out and loving those who are broken, hurting, and feel unlovable and/or devalued. Our desire is for the love of the Lord to shine through His people and communicate that they are sincerely loved, greatly valued, and have a God given purpose.

Mosaic City Church is to be known as a community who loves all people.


Mosaic City Church seeks to be a family made up of people from all kinds of nationalities, races, experiences, backgrounds, socioeconomic classes, and generations. A church that is just as diverse as Heaven will be. A congregation that the world cannot help but see that there is something real that bring us together; that our faith in Jesus is more powerful in uniting us than the differences that separate us. We will be a community that is more than just a group that meets together once a week for worship; but a people who shares life together and interacts with each other as family whom they love and care for. Individuals who desire to get together regularly outside the corporate gatherings just to spend time with one another. Our prayer is that our faith bond will be contagious and compel others with the desire to know Christ and join our family.

Mosaic City Church is to be known as a community that is made up of all kinds of people who love one another. 


Our vision for the future facility for Mosaic City Church will be a hub of creativity, education, and worship. This building would not look like your normal church building. It would carry out many other functions besides hosting our worship gatherings and Bible studies. In the facility we would offer an array of classes, activities, and services that would honor the Lord, serve the community, and open doors for sharing the Gospel. Our desire is for our building to be a resource center that trains, equip, and encourages people in areas of need (i.e.: parenting helps, after school tutoring, religious education, training in technology, music, and arts, self-defense, fitness, job preparedness)  Where most church buildings sit empty and unused throughout the week, our building would be humming with people every day. Where many would not step foot in a tradition church building, our building would be one where people desire to come.

Mosaic City Church is to be known as a place where the people in the community know and love.